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A large CME, preceded by ten smaller CMEs, came into contact with our atmosphere 46 minutes ago. The fullness of its effects is not yet known, but we expect considerable damage to many areas, especially Polar Regions which are less protected by the magnetosphere (the Earth’s electromagnetic shield).

The effects of the cascading CMEs over the last few days are well known now. However, lesser known is that with each CME, the magnetosphere is being worn down (the best way we can explain it). It appears that this continual diminishment is progressive, allowing greater amounts of solar radiation to break through our ionosphere from each subsequent solar storm. We expect a tripling or quadrupling of the sun’s radiation worldwide over the next few days or weeks. The new normal now appears to be multiple hourly coronal mass eruptions, which will further disrupt the magnetosphere. Besides the ensuing deleterious effects to our bodies (e.g. cellular degeneration and malignancies such as carcinoma), the additional solar radiation will heat up our planet, causing the following: polar icecap melting and ensuing flooding of all coastal lands; widespread fires; and terrestrial reduction of plant and animal life, and therefore a world-wide decline of food sources.

The news we bring is far worse. Our data indicates a colossal coronal mass ejection has erupted and we estimate the bulk of plasma and ensuing electromagnetic waves will hit Earth within hours.

This solar storm is the one we all feared and we have tried to warn everyone about.

Unfortunately, we cannot do much to help you. Even if we had recommended that you stock up on supplies, short of a warehouse full of food, it will not be enough. This coming CME will destroy all electrical power, taking down all utilities, infrastructure, and communications. We expect all electronics, other than the most hardened, to be destroyed by the ensuing inductive electromagnetic waves. Across the entire planet, all computers and the Internet will be gone by tomorrow.

We will continue to monitor this situation and maintain our site ( However, when what we are calling The Event occurs, there will be no way to connect to our systems, which we know will eventually go down like all others.

Our sincere hope is that some of you reading this, especially those who have already prepared for this, will survive. We pray for you our readers, for our country, and for humanity.

Dr. Carrington Reid, Founder
CME Research Institute





We are sending you this warning because we are now 90% sure that a Carrington-sized event will occur in the next 36 to 60 hours.

At least one CME (and maybe more) is expected to reach Earth within that time.

We strongly recommend that you plan on many weeks or months without power or services. Stock up your food and water. If you are in the city and you can make it to a more rural area, we recommend you leave now. Do not wait. You no longer have time.

Stay indoors when the sun is highest in the sky, as you will be subject to anywhere from 500% to 2000% the normal radiation level that you would receive on a normal day.

All of these and other recommendations are listed in our free downloadable eBook, The Solar Apocalypse Survival Guide.

We will continue to transmit bulletins as long as we are able.

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