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The sun has been especially active the last few days, unleashing three powerful X-class solar flares.  If you will recall from earlier posts, X-class are the largest solar flares and are at least 10,000 times more powerful than normal background flares.  An X1.0 was released on June 10 and then on June 11th, X1.5 and X2.2 (twice as powerful as the X1.0) flares erupted.  The X1.0 on 6/10 did not produce a CME, but at least one CME did come from the X2.2 and may hit Earth today.

This is not the killer, Carrington-Event type flare we have been warning everyone to watch out for.  Although, this will most likely cause radio signal disruptions and the CME will result in more auroras and problems for some of our satellites.  However, these X-class flares were mostly erupted away from the Earth, and they were still substantially less than the Carrington Fare, which was believed to be an X22, or twenty-two times greater than an X1.0 flare.  As the sun rotates, it could shoot off more flares, more directly pointed toward Earth.

There is no better time then now to prepare for the worst.  If another Carrington Event were to hit our Earth today, would you be ready?  Download a free guide that tells you how.

In the mean time, we will keep watching.