Alerting the world to the mysteries and dangers of Coronal Mass Ejections



We are going to participate in an exercise with author ML Banner, who wrote the Solar Apocalypse Survival Guide (Available exclusively on our site for free), to see if anyone is listening to our warnings.  In his first book, Stone Age, ML Banner fictionalizes the real probability of a Carrington-sized event occurring in the very near future.  To telegraph the warning of this “event”, he features CMERI in his novel sending a daily bulletin to each of our subscribers.  Currently, we don’t offer bulletins or newsletters, but if we did, they may very well be like this.  As part of the exercise, we will list each of the bulletins in our Updates, each day, over the next two days, to see if anyone takes notice.  Again, this is an exercise in fiction, but the plausibility of this is real.

Dr. Carrington Reid.