Alerting the world to the mysteries and dangers of Coronal Mass Ejections


If you read the headlines the last few months, you cannot help but be a little worried.

Major solar storm warning over huge new sunspot group

Earth is being blasted by solar flares, largest active region since 1990

Fear as Earth almost destroyed completely by massive solar flare

But does this mean we are headed towards a solar apocalypse or end-of-the-world scenario like the one we’ve been warning about? Yes, I’m afraid it does.

Please let my words sink in for a minute and then consider this. If we simply have an event that mimics the size and scope of the Carrington Event, that occurred 150 years ago, 50% of us, the world’s tenants, will have no power and water to our homes for maybe months or years (the other 50% doesn’t have these already); most every automobile and airplane will be non-functional; many of our smart devices and electronics will be made inert; and much of our storehouses of data (i.e. banking, internet, etc.) will be gone.

Imagine what life would be like?

Well it could get worse than this. Solar Storms have been ravaging our upper atmosphere since the sun emitted radiation, but our earth has been protecting us with a magnetic shield since before man took his first steps. What if that magnetic shield were damaged or were to deteriorate as some scientists and at least one sci-fi author has posited? It could mean the end of us all.

I’m not writing this as a Halloween scare tactic, but to have you consider the tenuous footing we are all on right now. We don’t have to go as far as the scenario chronicled in DESOLATION; just consider the replication of an event that has already happened. What can we do? Plenty!

First, contact your federal government officials and have them commit to spending on shielding the grid. There are two bills stalled in Congress that address some of our grid’s deficiencies. A few $ billion is all it will take to add enough protection to insure that the down time, in the event of another Carrington Event, is days or weeks and not months or years.

Next, prepare for the worst. There are many actions you can take for your family to prepare for the worst case, even if it isn’t that bad. Just consider, could you survive without any utilities (power, water, phone, internet) for weeks? If not, then start now to prepare to do so. Start immediately to store up three or four weeks of food and water. You can get more tips on preparing by downloading our free Solar Apocalypse Survival Guide.

I’m asked often, when will this happen? Unfortunately, there is no way to know this. We will continue to study the data and report back to you. But, until that day when we will announce, the next Carrington Event is coming, prepare for the worst. It is coming.